reformer pilates


Pilates Reformer micro group classes & private sessions are the perfect solution for those looking to rehab injuries, improve mobility, reduce stress, or enhance physical performance. 

Debbie Abell

I am deeply committed to prevention, education and providing Integrative modalities that fill the gap we see in the healthcare system today. I am also committed to the concept of “Growing Younger” from the inside out. This is referred to as biohacking in the performance/wellness space. Pilates, in my opinion, is a biohack as the concentration and precision required to execute movement patterns on a moving table reaches deep into the parasympathetic nervous system where healing and transformation happens.  

I have worked in the fitness/wellness space for 30 years. I started out as a group exercise instructor and personal trainer. I evolved into mind/body modalities such as pilates mat and yoga after the birth of my first son.

My goal is to help create an integrative space with resources for everyone - where people can laugh, learn, and get the information they need to feel great, move better, and thrive 

My Micro Group Training classes are 75 minutes long so we have time for a proper warm up and an essential SOMA style cool down. Classes are limited to only 5 people which allows be to teach hands on and keep a keen eye on everyone! 

Have very specific needs, goals, or injuries? I am also available for 1-on-1 private Pilates Reformer sessions!

Email for more information.