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ACH PAYMENT ONLY (credit card memberships available in club - $5 monthly service charge)​
Platinum membership​
Twenty-four/7 access to fitness floor in clubs* (excluding Sonoma Fit Pool Club)
Unlimited access to ALL indoor/outdoor group exercise classes
One free 30 min fitness orientation with a personal trainer ($45 value)
One free InBody scan ($29 value)

Gold membership
Twenty-four/7 access to fitness floor in all clubs* (excluding Sonoma Fit Pool Club)
One free 30 min fitness orientation with a personal trainer ($45 value)
One free InBody scan ($29 value)


​​*Twenty-four/7 access for adults (18+ years old)​

Discounted memberships available for fire, police, veterans, active military, seniors, and teachers! Inquire in club! (Only applicable for regular membership pricing)


People join our gym for many reasons. Some are completely new to working out, but committed to making some changes. Some are in a rut, bored, or plateauing at their old gym. Others are looking for new equipment, machines, and modalities to take their current routines to the next level. Whatever your reason is, Sonoma Fit is committed to helping you reach your goals. And the BEST way to get the most out of our gym and to crush your goals is to invest in your health!


 3-day Welcome Orientation package (Was $299, NOW $199)! Purchase in club!




Day 1: So Fit Introduction (50 minutes)

A personal trainer will take you on a detailed tour of the facility, explaining and demonstrating how to use the state of the art machines and modalities that you have access to. They will also go over the group exercise schedule and classes. With so many classes a week, they will help you find the best classes that fit your schedule and goals. Also receive an In Body scan! This is a state of the art body composition analyzer that provides a detailed analysis of your body - Percent Body Fat, Skeletal Muscle Mass, Basal Metabolic Rate, plus total body water, visceral fat assessment, and other vital measurements. An important way to track and see your fitness results!


Day 2: Cardio & Strength (50 minutes)

Come prepared to sweat! This day is a deep dive into your cardio and strength options. Get familiar with the different cardio equipment and the fun and effective workouts preprogrammed on the machines. After you get your sweat on, your trainer will introduce you to our incredible array of strength equipment to help you get stronger and more fit! 


Day 3: Free Weights & Functional Fitness (50 minutes)

Come prepared to work! The best way to learn is by doing, so get ready to use our free weights and functional fitness area! Your trainer will show you how to safely and effectively use free weights, plate loaded machines, and functional fitness equipment. After today, you will have a whole new arsenal to spice up your workout routine!

Lifestyle Reset Program (regularly $499, NOW only $299!!) Purchase in club!



Looking to join a gym for the first time and want some guidance on figuring out some reasonable goals and a plan to achieve them? Are you a senior who knows that age is just a number? Injured or rehabbing an injury but still want to workout and need some help? Ready to finally do something about those extra pounds that have crept on? In a workout rut and ready to change things up?


Our trainers are equipped with the knowledge to help you overcome any obstacle, come up with a plan to get you where you want to be, and hold you accountable to meet those goals. 


Now for only $299 we've got you covered for the ENTIRE NEW YEAR!


Meet with your personal trainer every three months to ensure success! Includes a 30 minute fitness orientation, 4 private 50 minute sessions, 4 InBody scans, each scheduled three months apart to help keep you on track.