OVER 100 classes per week!
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5:15a Room X Workout 1
5:45a Cycle 45
6a Sprint 8 Turf
6:15a Room X Workout 1
8:30a Room X Workout 1
9:00a Boxing Bootcamp
9:00a Zone Cycle

9:15a Slow Flow Yoga
10a Shockwave
12p Boxing Bootcamp
12p TRX Cycle

4:30p TRX Level 1
5:30p Sprint 8 Circuit
5:45p Circuit Cycle
6p Room X Workout 1
6:15p Hiit Bootcamp


5:15a Room X Workout 2

5:45a Barre Cycle

6:00a Hiit Bootcamp

6:15a Shockwave

8:30a TRX Level 1

8:45a Cycle 45

9a Room X Workout 2

9:15a Sprint 8 Turf

9:30a Circuit 101

10a Cycle HIIT

12p Cycle 45

12p Sprint 8 Circuit

3:30p Room X Workout 2

5:30p Buti Yoga

5:45p Barre Method

6p Room X Workout 2

6:15p Bikes & Bands

7p SO FIT strength

5:15a Room X Workout 3
5:45a Cycle 45
6a Inferno Sculpt
6:15a Room X Workout 3

8:30a Power Yoga
8:30a Butts & Gutts
9:00a Room X Workout 3
9:15 TRX Cycle
9:30a Sprint 8 Turf
10a Cycle HIIT
12 Shockwave

12 Core Cycle
4:30p Circuit 101
5:15p KB Bootcamp
5:45p Cycle 60
6:00p Room X Workout 3
615p TRX Strength

5:15a Room Xtreme Workout 1 
5:30a Boxing Bootcamp

5:45 TRX Level 1
6a Zone Cycle
6:15a Room Xtreme Workout 1

8:30a Cycle 45
9a Shockwave
9:15a Hiit Bootcamp

10a Metabolic Meltdown
10a Cycle HIIT
12p So Fit Strength
12p Sprint 8 Turf
3:30p Room X Workout 1
5:30p Hiit Bootcamp

5:45 Power Yoga
6p Room X Workout 1
6:15p Cycle 45
7p KB Bootcamp

5:15a Room X Workout 2
5:30a Cycle 45
6a Sprint 8 Circuit
6:15a Room X Workout 2
8:30a Buns and Guns

8:30a Slow Flow Yoga
9a Circuit Cycle
9:15a Room X Workout 2
9:30a Zone Cycle
10a TRX Strength
12 Shockwave
12 Barre Cycle

4:30p So Fit Strength
5:15p Core 30
5:45p Inferno Sculpt
6p Room X Workout 2
6:15p TRX Cycle

7:30 TRX Cycle
8:15a Room X Workout 3
8:45 KB Circuit

9a Cycle 60
9:15a TRX Level 1

9:15 Room X Workout 3
10:30a Vinyasa Sculpt

12p Cycle 45

8:15a Room X Trainers Choice
8:30a Power Yoga
9:00a Boxing Bootcamp
9:15a Room X Trainers Choice

9:15a Cycle 45
10:15a TRX Strength
12p Mat Pilates

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